Spanish Point

Christ Church Spanish Point

This small but beautiful Spanish style church is located on the western seaboard of the county in Spanish Point. Worship here in summer months is every Sunday at 9.30am and every second Sunday in winter time. Where possible the service form alternates between Morning Prayer and Holy Communion. Music is provided by recorded church music on disk. Christ Church also has a parish reader who assists with worship when and where possible. The congregation here is small during winter months but grows substantially during summer months due to holiday visitors in the area.

To the side of the church there is a pre-fab building which is used for parish meetings and gatherings, and a cup of tea after service from time to time. This has been of huge benefit since its construction.

In 2014 the spire of Christ Church had to be restored and fund raising was commenced in early summer. Due to the enormous generosity of all the friends and neighbours and the whole parish of Miltown Malbay enough funds were raised and the work on the spire was completed within the year. This expression of support is an example of the assistance given to our small parish from the wider community and an approval of our reaching out to them.

Spanish Point Church
Spanish Point Church